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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tales of a Dreamer

I’m filled with such an odd feeling today. It’s feels like I’m standing on the precipice of peace. Does this make sense? I feel like everything is about to make sense and work out. I feel like the plans that D and I are making are on their way to a real fruition now and that it’s all going to work out perfectly. Those of you who know me know that that is not my usual thought pattern. Ha ha. So things are moving more slowly than we had planned, which at times is frustrating as hell, but maybe it’s so that we can do it right and do it so it works. That’s what I think.

I’m just excited to be somewhere new and start this new chapter of my life that’s so different and exciting and real. AND it’s one in which we will be teaching each other and supporting each other in actually following our so-called dreams and doing what makes us happy, instead of just being part of the rat race that has too high a place in our lives right now. And hopefully feeding off and feeding to other people as well.

Ahhh, and of course then I have these way out ideas, some of which may happen and some of which may not. Ideas like the wonderful co-op that we either join/help start/help run/etc., our awesome garden so that we can grow our own veggies (even though neither of us garden – mom? lessons?), our barn studio with two totally separate spaces – one space for each of us (obviously), our lifestyle that affords us to have only one car, a house that we own, more pets, art all over, new and interesting friends with common interests, wonderful nights watching the stars from our porch minus light pollution and sound pollution, hikes in the mountains, more camping, more exploring, more positive craziness, silkscreening and creating and loving and living.

Okay, I might even vomit now. Or not.


At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Danielle said...

It sounds like heaven Kyra! I hope that all of yours and D's dreams come true, now and always.
Can't wait to see you guys!

At 11:21 AM, Blogger This dreamer girl said...

oh kyra.. that's AWESOME.. So many people (ok i can only speak for myself) WISH all their lives for someone to go thru this life with!!! U can do it!! Feel the Fear and do it anyway!!!! I hope you have a GREAT time on your road trip!!!!


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