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Monday, January 23, 2006

Only in New Jersey

While D & I were outside at a little party, we overheard a guy on his cell phone explaining to his friend where he was: “You know, it’s over by Chemical Pond where we used to fish.”

Chemical Pond. Nice. Definitely would only hear that in New Jersey...

I seriously can’t wait to get out of this state. Three good things though - food, Delaware Water Gap area, and it's oh so close to NYC.

I turned 31 this weekend. There’s something surreal about the numbers surpassing 30. Something in the area of “now what?”. I guess I’ve always hated my birthday and getting older and 31. I guess I thought things would be different when I turned 31, but I feel the changes for the better occurring so I think that it’s a good year for big transitions and explorations and scary stuff and fun stuff and I’m definitely excited about all of that.

I had a great weekend which made the age factor fade into the background for the most part; until last night. First of all, it was Sunday – often not a good evening – especially before a full work week – yes, folks – FIVE full days of work this week! Rough life. Can’t wait to work from home and just create things and wear overalls and nap if necessary and have light streaming into my space (as opposed to the evil dreaded fluorescent lights that shine on way too many of us each day). {Supposedly, fluorescent lights are much more environmentally responsible – I’m not sure if that means any ol’ fluorescent light, but still…. That’s just sad}. Back to that idea of working from home – maybe a little part time job to get out of the house but for the most part ignoring meetings and clocks and dress codes and small talk and memos. That is – until I start my own little business of beading, books, and coffee…(perhaps beer too). But I promise not to write memos when I have that business.

But the rest of the weekend, good food (and awesome interior ) and lots of friends, though I do wish I had some pictures of the night. Once I do enough freelance to buy myself a digital SLR camera the photos will resume. Until then, at least I have some motivation for freelancing. Fun party on Saturday, beat the boys in Texas Hold ‘Em and had some beer and played trivia on Saturday night! Not to mention a fun late night walk home with lots of laughs.

Off to work out (which I have been slacking at way too much lately). Which to do is the question today? Karen , Rodney, or Cameron ? I miss my five-days a week workouts but I just haven’t had the time. I’ll get back there one day soon – you know, when I’m working from home and have that liberty and luxury.

One last thing, where the heck is the snow? Rain in late January is just crazy. And people still say that global warming doesn’t exist, huh?

More later. Time to get out of here!


At 10:24 AM, Anonymous Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Kyra!!! I completely understand how you feel about birthdays and getting older. E thinks i'm a big party pooper...but this year, I wouldn't even let anyone acknowledge my b-day...and next year..forget it!

Here's to another year...and getting out of NJ...we did...although I don't know if it's truly any better here :)

Hope to see you guys soon!

At 1:20 PM, Blogger This dreamer girl said...

hey girl.

just read your post.. i understand.. for me it was 30. Not being where I thought I wanted to be.. I guess the only thing I can say is we pass over the hurdle of the actual birthday and somehow realize that we can BEGIN .. and begin now.. Begin our own businesses.. or own families.. it's not OVER at 30,31.. it begins then. My other thought is to honor where you are.. even if who you are changes every day.. honor all your feelings.. good, bad and the indifferent.
love you,

At 10:51 AM, Blogger Allison Paskett said...

happy birthday . . . late! been busy busy busy here draining my life away in the corporate world, but i hope to find time for the web again soon - - can't stay in a job like this for too much longer. anyway, just stopped by to catch up on your blog - looks like you have had a lot going on! Best of luck in everything - good things have to happen soooner or later, right?


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