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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Circadian Creation: Obsidian 4.20.06

Obsidian seas swallowing them up
As they fell into the nothingness before them.

She still gazed from a distance
And her tears dried as she watched them more closely
Watched the youngest, watched the quietest and the softest.

She sat for hours, weeks, years and lifetimes
In the eclipse of the soulless
Until the day came when her eye glimpsed the light.

A woman rose up from the shadows
With luscious melodies spilling from her lips
And soothing touches waking them up.

She was only one of them
So where did this power arise from?

After generations of darkness how did she exist
Here before the mystic?

She shifted her glance to the azure sea
And watched the sunlight cast reflections
Of the future
And she waited for what awaited them.

...a continuation of mystical and eloquence
Finally a CC on time!


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