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Thursday, April 20, 2006


I am so behind on my Circadian Creations (those creative topics that both Dave and I do each day - well, that I don't do lately). I don't know what my problem is. I'm taking off tomorrow because I have a doctor's appointment right in the middle of the day, so hopefully I'll be feeling inspired to catch up. Maybe I started trying to get the Circadian Creations to be too close to good, instead of just going with the flow and getting them done. I have to get back to that attitude about them and do them!

So, Kerilyn inspired me to do a little high/low today:

It is wonderfully sunny and warm out today and I listened to some good music on the way to work and also a bit of news.

Plans are not coming to fruition as quickly as I'd like.

And a little 3 things, 2 things for today:

3 things that make you happy:
Sunny, warm weather
Weekend spent relaxing, playing games, having fun, catching up on sleep and converstation. ;)
Anticipation of good stuff (trips and moves and festivals)

2 things you looking forward to today:
Doing something creative
Enjoying the beautiful weather after work

2 long term things you looking forward to:
North Carolina or Albany
Supporting myself with my artwork and web design

1 person you are going to appreciate:
Marly - for cleaning Dave's apartment!!!


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