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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ten for Tuesday - Ten Favorite Movie Characters

Ten Favorite Movie Characters (off the top of my head, I'm sure if I thought more these would change)

  • Marty, Beautiful Girls (Natalie Portman)
  • Igby, Igby Goes Down (Kieran Culkin)
  • Amélie, (Audrey Tautou)
  • Edward Scissorhands, Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp)
  • Lloyd Dobler, Say Anything (John Cusack)\
  • Randle Patrick McMurphy, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Jack Nicholson)
  • Lisa Rowe, Girl Interrupted (Angelina Jolie)
  • Veronica Sawyer, Heathers (Winona Ryder)
  • Lestat de Lioncourt, Interview with a Vampire (Tom Cruise)
  • Princess Leia, Star Wars (Carrie Fisher)
How should we respond when people disappoint us? Ignore it? Get angry? Get upset? Ignore THEM? Sometimes this is such a confusing situation... And what about when people tend to say things and then at a certain point their actions stop meshing well with their words? Is this just human nature? What about when the ideals and expectations they place on you don’t match those they put on others and those they sometimes place on themselves?

I guess we all do this to an extent. But at what point does it begin to interfere with who we are and what we stand for and respect? At what point are we compromising our expectations and ideals for others? Is this just a part of life and a part of relating with other humans? Imagine other animals behaved in this confusing and exhausting way?

So…how do we distinguish if we are disappointed in someone because we feel threatened in some way or if it’s deserved? Random questions from me today.

The weather is finally getting gloomy… I guess we can’t keep those sunny days in the 60s for too long or it would just be weird. But it sure was nice while it lasted! Autumn does rock! Now if I could just get rid of this sinus infection and cold maybe I can go enjoy it in the form of a hike! Bear Mountain? I’m also craving a day at the beach.

On a good side note, they put up a windmill farm in Atlantic City, NJ! Pretty freaking cool, huh? I was so happy and excited to hear this. Here is some info: For a set amount per month (from $5 to $20 I believe) you can partially supply your power from these windmills. How great is that?!


At 12:25 PM, Blogger Eliza said...

Lloyd Dobler & Princess Leia, yah!! Great picks. :)

At 4:51 AM, Blogger Marit Cooper said...

Some Big Questions nestled in this post, eh? Something that I have found in my experience is that when people start preaching to you, telling you how to do things, how to behave etc they invariable seem to be talking to themselves. Funny kind of coincidence; I was writing about this yesterday:

Now it finally dawned on me; “other people” weren’t entitled to define me! I was not obliged to try and change to suit anyone else. No matter what I did I would never be good enough. No matter how hard I tried I would never be respected, loved and accepted by the majority of the people around me. People, as a rule, don’t SEE each other. All they see are reflections of themselves. If the other person is the “wrong” shape, size, colour, or what ever, the reflection they see is twisted, discoloured, out of shape, out of focus and offensive to them. It wasn’t that there was something inherently wrong with me. It was that I made people feel uncomfortable because of something in them. I threw back a twisted reflection. They didn’t care about me. They just wanted to feel good about themselves. The whole idea that I was duty bound to try to please them was absurd!

Another thing I've found is that people tend to call you "selfish" when you refuse to be useful to them, give them things, obey them. How this makes them any different escapes me... >;)


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