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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Inpsired focus

Okay, so I’m feeling so inspired but I’m lacking focus. It’s a problem sometimes, really. It’s this weird feeling. I have so many ideas and all of this creative energy swirling inside and when I stop to think about it I enjoy a private little grin, but I can’t get the ideas out! I think what makes the focus even harder to achieve is the clutter in my life. There’s so much…STUFF… everywhere… And so many little things to do. Yes, I know, grow up. That’s life. But it doesn’t mean that it’s easy. So I will try to erase some clutter – or maybe just organize it.

I was reading Keri Smith’s blog today…about wandering. Wandering is so much fun! I used to wander and not think of time or things I need to get done. Used to wander a lot. On foot, inside, outside, driving (yes, it’s not so eco-friendly, but sometimes wandering in the car is oh so fun!) So I need to try to wander more and let go of the lists and timelines. And I need to go to the beach. The ocean has this power. Who knows, maybe it will force the focus into me without my noticing. Wandering on the beach and in the woods and even through unknown neighborhoods is good for the soul and the mind and the heart.

I’ll just keep trying to get my ideas out and hopefully things will get clearer. I think moving will help. And then I’ll really need to wander (maybe with a fun, cute friend of mine)…we’ll need to wander to explore our new place and to immerse and be inspired. Exciting stuff. Now I’ll try to get some of it out on paper.

One more thought, the sunshine helps everything.


At 8:18 AM, Blogger Marit Cooper said...

I need to de-clutter, desperately. Particularly my material and work space. When I have to spend half an hour searching for a tool or a particlar piece of stuff (I know I saw it here two weeks ago!) the umpf just leaves me, or at least diminishes drastically. But you're right, the sunshine always helps :-D

At 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey know exactly what you mean, i have been feeling extremely creative but haven't been doing anything about it. Its just like you said its this creative energy but its unfocused and so its just getting lost and then i feel bad about myself like i'm not doing anything. i feel very cluttered and that in turn ends up being frustration.... yes lets declutter... you come over and do my place and do yours ki!-m


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