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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Too much to say. Not enough ways to say it right. So shut your mouth, she said.

Listening to:
Love Song for Bobby Long soundtrack...
and once again, yearning for N'awlins....

Next up on book-on-tape list:
The Diving-Bell & the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby
Written by a man who suddenly suffered from a stroke which left him in a state called "Locked-in Syndrome". He become virtually paralyzed and was left to communicate through blinking of his eyes alone. He ended up working with a woman who translated, letter by letter through blinking his left eye, his words and his story was published three days before his death. It is an amazing, inspirational, and sad story and I can't wait to read it in his words. I believe they are making a movie out of this story, and I believe Johnny Yummy Depp will be playing the lead role.
(check out this site for some info:


At 5:58 PM, Anonymous allison paskett said...

cool site - thanks for sharing.

about that cd swap. well it has been great fun so far. piddleloop ( organized this one and everyone sends five mixes and receives five mixes. (i have only received 2 so far, but they have been good). plus there were a lot of foreign country particpants, so it spices things up a bit. its too late to join this one, but kat at is hosting another one that you can still sign up for. if you were really interested, my sis and i made a few extra copies and i would gladly send one your way - but don't feel obligated. if yes, just e mail me: shua girl at hot mail dot com.


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