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Friday, July 29, 2005

Beautiful Day

Woke up to a cool breeze drifting through my windows. Hiding from the chill under my thick blanket felt wonderfully cozy, though I knew I had to wake up. Redeeming quality of having to wake up early – it’s Friday. Ahhh. At long last.

Had a great drive to work, listening to Polyphonic Spree (can’t not smile when listening to that) and catching an interview with a German filmmaker Werner Herzog, quite an interesting guy, who has a new film about a man who lives up in Alaska with the grizzlies. He enjoys living with grizzlies to living in the world of people and the animals have his life meaning and purpose. Will have to check that out once it’s released.

Now, drinking a delicious big cup of coffee, listening to Bob Marley, catching up on e-mail and enjoying the fact that I haven’t encountered any computer problems yet. Though it’s still early, it’s a sweet relief.

Enjoy the day. Enjoy the weekend. Enjoy the summer breezes and warm sun. Enjoy the thunderstorms that pound through, dropping luscious rain that makes the earth smell like life and rattles your insides making you feel more alive than usual. Enjoy the company of those who make your life interesting and difficult and fun and exciting.


3 things that make me happy:

-Mexican food and margaritas
-Being in love

2 Things I look forward to today:

-Getting together with friends and talking and eating and drinking
-Relaxing because it's been a stressful and busy week

2 Long Term things I look forward to:

-Creating things for Art on the Avenue
-Making a difference

1 Person you are going to appreciate:

Mom, because sometimes it's very difficult to


At 10:25 AM, Anonymous allison paskett said...

its so cloudy and rainy here today - i am jealous. but i do love love love polyphonic spree! have you seen them in concert yet? most amazing experience!!!

At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Send that last sentece to my dad and mom. And the Spree rocks!!! Especially live!

At 6:08 PM, Blogger Caleb said...

Wow! cool blog,

just passing through, and I really liked the energy you have here. So positive. keep rockin it!

At 7:18 PM, Blogger miss terri said...

i have to agree with caleb. good stuff. keep it up. :)


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