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Monday, August 22, 2005

Name three

  1. Pet Peeves: talking on cell phones in restaurants, not pulling into intersection when making left turn at light, snoring (can that be a pet peeve?)
  2. Favorite Sounds: crickets (or katydids or cicadas – whatever that wonderful summer sound is), rain starting slow, then pouring, and then mingling with thunder, ocean waves crashing in
  3. Biggest Fears: being alone, not being successful, drowning
  4. Biggest Challenges: letting go of fears, having confidence in creativity, trusting
  5. Favorite Stores: used bookstores, (even though it’s not really a store), AC Moore
  6. Most Used Words: soooo, dude (recently), why
  7. Favorite Pizza Toppings: ricotta, black olives, onions
  8. Favorite Cartoon Characters: Woody Woodpecker, Shaggy, George Jetson
  9. Movies Recently Watched: Primer, The Machinist, The Upside of Anger
  10. Favorite Fruits & Vegetables: pineapples, strawberries (especially covered in chocolate), blueberries, celery, baby spinach, sweet corn
I stole that from Allison at Cornelian Cherry. Thanks! :)


At 2:15 PM, Anonymous allison paskett said...

good list! what did you think of the upside of anger. i watched that a few weeks ago and when it finished i was so taken aback. i liked it, but seriously what a strange movie.

At 10:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Shaggy the guy in your pictures?

At 12:01 PM, Blogger This dreamer girl said...

Cool!!! Great list k!!!


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