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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Snow day

I love snow days, but I'm feeling a little lonely now and just a little bit bored and anxious because I feel like my wonderful little snow day is almost over as the day reaches out toward 4pm... It was great earlier today...beautiful snow, big fat luscious snow flakes. I went for a walk and enjoyed the snow falling all over me and around me. It was quite peaceful.

Now... the snow has turned to slush and it's cold and gloomy. The sky doesn't have the exciting lightness of a snow sky anymore, but a forboding cold and liquidy sky.

But lunch was yummy (leftover Chinese with big big shrimp!) and I had the day off! So I'll stop my bellyaching now. It's not only my belly that's aching though... I guess I am. For that thing that's out of reach today.


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