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Friday, June 24, 2005

50 Things I Want to Do

  1. Jump out of an airplane
  2. Have a show of my art at a gallery
  3. Own a business
  4. Get married on the beach
  5. Live in an old stone house lots of land and maybe a barn
  6. Have a nice studio with lots of windows
  7. Write a short story
  8. Have something published
  9. Get my MFA
  10. Go to Tahiti
  11. Dive into the deep end
  12. Spend time in the jungle
  13. Take a dangerously exciting vacation
  14. Go to Africa
  15. Donate my time and knowledge
  16. Have a child
  17. Go whitewater rafting
  18. Create a huge work of art
  19. Learn to garden
  20. Let go
  21. Visit Alaska
  22. Live in another country, even if only for a few months
  23. Visit each of the 50 states
  24. Take a solo vacation
  25. Go on a yoga retreat
  26. Teach a class or seminar (not sure on what yet!)
  27. Dazzle
  28. Publish a book (I mean, my own)
  29. Become a better photographer and get in the darkroom again even though it’s a dying practice
  30. Sing in front of an audience
  31. Learn to play guitar OR relearn the piano
  32. Experience zero gravity and/or visit space
  33. Take a dance class
  34. Learn more
  35. Volunteer on a Native American reservation or spend time there helping in some way
  36. Immerse myself in a culture other than my own for a period of time
  37. Participate in a walk or run for charity
  38. Climb a mountain
  39. Backpack in the woods/mountains for at least a week (not sure where yet)
  40. Live on the seashore
  41. Throw a fabulous Succulent Wild Women party
  42. Get back to my magazine project
  43. Make a (positive) difference in someone’s life
  44. Be an inspiration
  45. Be a grandparent
  46. Hold hands with D and feel that love when we are old and gray
  47. Surf
  48. Learn to cook amazing chicken
  49. Have a table at a flea market
  50. Make wine


At 10:50 AM, Blogger This dreamer girl said...

You have already made a difference in my life... 'ker

At 12:45 PM, Blogger Kyra said...

Thank you!


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