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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Private Torture Chamber

Stomach is churning and my eyes want to close.
Regret, guilt, and nerves wrapped in a package of torture.
I sigh to myself again and again – my idea of relaxed breathing?
Would love to curl up and stay inside myself for the next month or two.

Listening to: Beth Orton
In the car - book on tape: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
Reading: the paper and Deepsix still... (good book by the way)

Also, start mentoring a new girl today and am feeling extremely nervous and excited. I hope it works out well! Looking forward to it!

From Don't Need a Reason by Beth Orton:

I think I've seen a sign
But its a very fine line
If you want it all
And don't lose track
For upon our backs
There's no weight of wings

When they shine is hard to say
But some things never fade away

We only hurt the ones we love
Why, we don't need a reason
We only give what we think we deserve
And that's something to believe in

So I've been calling angels down to Earth
And I don't need a reason
Calling angels down to Earth
Because I believe we need them


At 1:42 PM, Anonymous allison said...

well at least you have Beth Orton and Ishiguro to ease the torture of the chamber - good choices and good luck.

i think you are right that SBH's NY experience was probably heavily influenced by 9/11 and reads differently than the CA art - it would have been impossible to be there and not be influenced by the sadness and horror of the whole experience. i would also love love love to take a class, but the distance from VA to CA makes it feel like a very far away dream. i hope we both make it there someday though.


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